Welcome to our Dine and Donate Fundraising program. We value our community and are committed to helping raise money for your organization with a dine and donate fundraiser. They are simple to organize, enjoyable to attend, and everyone who participates will enjoy delicious food and beverages. Most importantly, 15% of all purchases generated by the fundraiser will go directly to your school or charitable organization!

Who is Eligible?
Schools, 501(c) charitable organizations, and social community groups (excluding religious and political organizations).

We’re excited to help, here’s how it works
Our dine and donate fundraiser days are available Sunday through Thursday, excluding holidays and special events, and in-store promotions. Together, we will determine a date that works best for a designated Selland’s Market-Café location and your school or organization. Preferably, the selected dine and donate date would be planned at least a month in advance.

We will provide a flyer featuring your organization’s logo and all the details of your dine and donate fundraiser. Your organization is responsible for promoting the event and distributing the fundraiser flyer to your supporters.

Let the Gathering Begin
The selected fundraiser day takes place that entire business day, from open to close. Guests taking part in the fundraiser will need to present a physical or digital copy of the fundraiser flyer at the time of purchase to count toward participation. Participation is only valid for all food and beverage purchases for dine-in, in-store orders for takeout, and online orders (excluding all catering orders).

Celebration Time!
After the event, we will send your organization a letter and check for 15% of the sales from the event, excluding tax, gratuity, gift card, and retail purchases. It’s that easy!

Selland Family Restaurants Responsibilities

  • Work with the organization to determine the fundraiser date.
  • Provide a fundraiser flyer to the organization, after receiving all required information and logo assets.
  • Keep an accurate record of sales, that will be paid to the organization.
  • Mail the check to the organization within 15 business days after the fundraiser.


School/Non-Profit Organizations Responsibilities

  • Provide and sign a W-9 form before the fundraiser. The check will be mailed out to the name and address on the W-9.
  • Use the flyer that Selland Family Restaurants creates to promote the fundraiser.
  • Distribute flyers via print, email, or social media to organization contacts and databases at their own expense.
  • Do not create any additional unique materials with the Selland Family Restaurant name and/or logos or release information to the press without approval from Selland Family Restaurants’ marketing representative.
  • Do not distribute flyers inside or near the restaurant.
  • Do not leave flyers in public areas (i.e., on parked cars). Please only share the flyer with supporters of your school or organization.